How I was led to Etsy

If you don’t already know, my name is Teresa, hi there! I primarily design wedding invitations, but I can design almost anything that’s printed. I believe that I was meant to do this. Here’s my little story on how I got to where I am today, owning my own business, designing invitations for wonderful people.

I grew up in a small town 30 minutes outside Minneapolis (yes, I am Minnesota nice). Growing up I loved art and received straight A’s in every art class (science? not so much). Whenever we were at our grandparents my brother and I would draw all day long (Bill also majored in GD and became a photographer). My mom is very crafty and my dad has creative genes (though he may not admit it). ;o)

Once I graduated high school my grandpa thought I should be a Physical Therapist because there were a lot of jobs in PT back then (he must have not known my science grades weren’t the best!). I was given an art scholarship to college and I had to take it because my family was financially strapped and I was going to be paying for it myself. So I double majored in Graphic Design and Art Studio with a minor in business.

I got an internship at the Minneapolis paper, The Star Tribune, and was hired on after graduation as a Production Artist. I worked there for about 6 years when I was laid off in 2006. While unemployed, a former co-worker of the Star Tribune told me about a job opening at a local ad agency, so I applied and was hired immediately as their sole designer.

That was a very important step for me. I wouldn’t have left the Star Tribune if I wasn’t forced to because I like to settle into things. After a couple of years at this new ad agency they hired Molly, a new Account Coordinator. Molly is very important because she introduced me to Etsy. She told me a friend of hers sold jewelry on it. So we looked up “wedding invitation” and there were hundreds of listings (now thousands)!

So I opened a shop under the name “designerpi” (my original business name) and started loading wedding invitation designs. Shortly after I opened I had customers contacting me. It was simply amazing! Here I am, 3 years later and busier than ever! I’m so grateful to be where I am with my business right now. I get to work and stay home with my kids (Ashley, 7 & Courtney, 5). My husband is now following his dream as well. He is going back to school for his Education degree so he can teach Special Ed and coach baseball.

My business name has changed, but I haven’t. I still love working with my customers and hearing how much they love their invitations. I’m very approachable and am happy to answer any question. So if you’re thinking of ordering, I look forward to hearing from you!


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