Why I Started My Own Business

With my old job I wasn’t given much to expand upon creatively. Car ads brought me straight to snoozeville! Seriously, I could fall asleep doing those crummy things. Customers wanted to cram as much text as they could into a teeny tiny space and you can forget about artwork or photos! White space was a dirty word.

Designing boring ads wasn’t doing anything for me. I needed something I could do that involved beautiful designs. What could I create that was beautiful and something people need? Hmmmmmmm… How about wedding invitations?

I had always empathized with brides that wanted fancy invitations but couldn’t afford them, or didn’t want to go through the hassle of making their own. They have so many other things they could be focusing on anyway. So I thought of ways to cut costs, but still deliver vibrant invitations that brides would love.

First cost saver, have the directions printed on the back. We all know someone who has grabbed the invite out the door on the way to the wedding, but forgot to grab the separate direction sheet (my husband did it, what a head-ache!). It saves on paper waste too! Second cost saver, postage. You don’t think about postage until you have to buy the stamps. It adds up in a hurry! My response cards have the option of converting to a postcard, but envelopes are also available.

Because you only have a couple cards in the invite envelope you avoid the additional postage that traditional wedding invitations incur because of all the extra paper stuffed inside. With my invite designs you also avoid the assembly line that traditional invitations require! Some of you know what I’m talking about, I’ve helped friends with those…been there, done that, no thanks!

I believe that if I become successful with designing invitations and announcements my business will live on through my daughter Ashley (and maybe Courtney too). Ashley has said she wants to work on the computer so she could do mommy’s work. She loves pretty things, she gives me a big-eyed “wow” for every new design I show her. Ashley’s 7 and my youngest is 5. Courtney is a handful and she’s home with me most of the time, but she’s also a ton of fun!


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